The Music Lover

It has been a while since I've gone out. I had just lost the taste for it, but I've been crawling out of my skin lately. So tonight I am taking myself out to my favorite club. A hidden joint downtown. A genuine modern-day rat pack type of scene… the perfect melding of classy and nasty.

There is nothing like sexy, gritty, live music that can penetrate your body and soul. Deep rhythmic vibrations from the drums, the sounds pouring out of beautiful full lips, gliding past the expertly fondled curves of the sax… releasing a melody across the dance floor instructing my hips to move. The lyrics fused with the melody slip past my proverbial walls, deep into my mind and my soul.

On the dance floor, I feel vulnerable, exposed, and blissfully helpless as the music dominates my body, directing it effortlessly like a strong, skillful lover.
For a brief moment... life's noises are drowned out... the chatter is quieted, life makes sense, people make sense. We are aligned to the same beat, to the same vibration.

There is no more memorable lover…none so complete, so penetrating and playful…

When I walk into a club, I go directly to the dance floor. The feel and smell of the hot moving bodies become stronger the closer I get. Then I claim the first open spot closest to the music… I close my eyes and let the music saturate me and take advantage of every inch of my body.

Tonight I am going to visit that lover. I’m feeling feisty but almost ceremonial while getting ready.

Freshly waxed as I put on my crotch-less panties and 6 strap garter. I slide on my silky nude thigh-highs and clip them into the straps. I slip on my black satin pencil skirt with a slit up one thigh, to just above the garter strap. It can only be seen when I cross my legs, walk with a fierce stride, or when the music forces me to bend my knees, spread, and grind low into the beat. 

I slide on my silky top that drapes down my back… to the top of my skirt, exposing my entire back. My back is the most sensitive spot on my body.  Just feeling the breeze glide over it stimulates my LaLa, and puts a naughty grin on my face. This is more controlled naughtiness on my part. No one notices a naked back, not like they do with a low cut blouse or high cut mini-skirt… if it is noticed, it’s usually not until you are walking away.  Using my long black hair sparingly, only exposing my vulnerability to whom I choose.

This is what I call peek-a-boo sexy. The kind of sexy that you don’t notice unless I move a certain way to expose myself, or unless you are paying close attention.

I am almost ready to head out. I slip on my high heels and strap them up, grab my wrap and I’m on my way.