Erotica ~ Ch. 2: Butterfies

It has been so long since we have played that I feel giddy and shy as you lay on the bed. I climb up in between your legs still blushing as I bury my head next to Bubba and refocus in anticipation of properly licking you from your beautiful ass, up your swollen taint, and gently playing with your balls as I suck them into my mouth and fondle them with my tongue.

I sit up and straddle my legs up under your legs, take the hair tie off my wrist and pull my hair back into a messy ponytail… mama is getting into position… and daddy knows it. You can’t help but smile as you watch me lick each hand as I wrap one around the base, the other around the shaft. You close your eyes and lay your head back as my mouth lowers around you and my hands slide down in one synchronized motion… slowly at first… to ensure all moving bits are sufficiently wet.

My mouth gets wetter and the warm fluid fills the spaces between your shaft and my hands. My mouth and hands are moving as one, all the way from the base, along the shaft until my last hand is choking the tip and back down again… mama’s long stroke is respectable too.

I can feel my thighs become slippery as I am swallowing daddy whole. Its like a beacon to you, almost at the same moment I begin to feel the wetness from my LaLa start to drip down my leg… you take my hands, pull me up to you, kiss my messy wet lips gently, as you log roll me on my back, and place my head on the pillow.

Butterflies shutter in my belly a little cuz daddy looks hungry, and not just the “I haven’t eaten since breakfast,” kind of hungry. More like “my soul hasn’t eaten in months,” level of hungry as your focus changes and you position yourself at my feet and look up at me. In full fog communication, I can feel your instructions as you focus your eyes back on LaLa… and even though this is what I want I open my legs with a slight hesitation, taking deep breaths and bracing myself.

I know from this point on, I will be at your mercy.