Erotica ~ Intro: Sex fog


The Sex Fog is what I call the zone I get into when I’m feeling inspired by a particular person and I get instantly turned on by their presence or the thought of them. When I'm in the fog, all else ceases to exist.

It’s more than just feeling horny, more than an attraction, at that moment I am taken over. I’m fogged. 

It feels great, but I can't always control it and I’m definitely not in control when I'm in it. Lemme explain....

In this sacred sex fog… pretense, judgments, fears and expectations can not exist. It is a pure, innocent, and passionate place. If fears or judgments creep in the fog clears up. Then it devolves into just another awkward moment where all your vulnerabilities and insecurities are on display, and two people proceed to fumble, disconnected, toward a mediocre orgasm by sticking all the right body parts into all the correct places repeatedly.

The sacred sex fog is different…In this indulgent space, time does not exist. It can be a passionate ravaging for a just few minutes or several hours of diving into you. Five minutes or five hours reveling in every inch of your body flexing, pulsating, and moaning could feel like an entire day has passed. The sex fog also has its own language, it is a mix of sounds, words, touch, taste.

In this sacred space you and I are worshipped and safe.

You know when you have experienced it, it is the moment where the right person can make a crowded room disappear, the moments where you forget the past hurts and the current worries. Where it is only the two of you and every cell in your body and all the naughty sexy thoughts in your mind... are focused on them.

It is where your heart starts beating harder. Your breath is so heavy it makes your lips fall open, and your chest rise and fall... just trying to maintain some kind of balance.

It is when your every sense and sensation is peaking all at once and aching for that person. You can feel them from across the room penetrating through your body, through your lips, through your eyes.

It is in those moments where there is no need to speak with words, where their body talks to you and your body responds in kind… where pure… naked… wet and messy communication takes place.

Not everyone or anyone can induce a sex fog, no matter the effort. It's not anyone’s fault, it doesn’t have anything to do with how you look in that moment. Maybe it's pheromones or something, I don’t know.

I just know it is not easy to find… My person has been deployed for 6 months and is coming home soon...